Born in Stuttgart, I am a real Swabian. One may call me: hard working, honest and down-to-earth.As the son of a craftsman, I have loved since my childhood to create or create something with my hands. Wood was always my favorite material. I created with enthusiasm small ships and cars made out of plain wood pieces. A few years after my family founding, I came back by chance on my old passion. A friend asked me if I would help on a US base while selling Onyx-phones. I helped of course. It was a great experience, so I decided to start my own company – selling at first only Christmas items from the Erzgebirge (smokers, nutcrackers, ...). Of course, these are made of wood.


Later, I got familiar with antiques. I buy them in France, Belgium and Germany. They are restored passionately in my own workshop, from which they are also  sold and delivered to my customers.


In 2014 I built my own large hall to locate the furniture store and workshop in one building. You are very invited to visit me and of course my antiques! But since I still have my own German studwork house, I can not always be there. Nonetheless, we can set up an appointment on short notice via telephone, e-mail or our contact form.



Roland Alber

Theodor-Storm-Str. 14

70794 Filderstadt



+49 173 9821711


Or use the contact function.



Erzgebirge Haus

Booth no. 20



Corner Königstraße / Planie

(at the Hof-Apotheke (Eng.: pharmacy))

70173 Stuttgart​​

11/274/2019 – 12/23/2019